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My name is Ulyana Bezkorovayna. I was born and raised in Western Ukraine. Immigrating to the US in my early 20’s gave me a chance to experience many different backgrounds, environments, cultures, landscapes and societies.

I am proud to be ukrainian : our spiritual values, rich culture and courageous , freedom-loving nation is a source of inspiration to me in my artistic endeavours.

While living in New York City  for almost a decade, I started  gravitating towards fashion photography and modeling, fine art and illustration , creative styling and design. I draw from all these experiences , along with my journey of self-discovery , to create art that is inspiring, intriguing, meaningful  and ultimately thought-provoking. I started drawing in my childhood and got back on my artistic path as a way to overcome challenges that came my way while building a life as an immigrant in the big city. Every time I picked up a brush – I  became completely immersed in my painting, transported to a place of joy and tranquility. My  work  is a manifestation of love, beauty, sensuality , freedom, peace and power within us to make the world a better place and build a better tomorrow by influencing ,healing and uplifting one another.

Artist Statement

I paint the Spaces that exist between dreams, dimensions, universes, images that represent retro vintage and neo-futurism in close proximity to each other. For me, moving colors around on the canvas to create visual imagery is both a therapeutic act of self-realization and a journey towards discovering new meaning and perspective on what it means to be a human. The inspiration for my concepts is a story of visual symbolism distilled from emotions, moments and artifacts that surround me. I  often explore unknowns, letting curiosity and imagination guide me. I work primarily with acrylic paint but  also like to experiment with watercolor , pastel, chalk and pencil.  My favorite artists : Maria Prymachenko, Gustav Klimt, Roy Lichtenstein, Polina Rayko, Ivan Marchuk.

 I put my art into the world where it can be explored by you.  Find  the art that speaks to you and connects to your soul and I will celebrate that with you! Because the power of art at its core is in its ability to heal us and unite us.